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LA Clippers # 2 Fan: Brett Gottlieb.

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Brett Gottlieb: Hey man…I am very excited about tomorrow…I love the LA vs LA game and especially this year when we are playing so well and preparing for playoffs and to top it off whomever wins most likely will be the pacific division champ…obviously I’m biased and I want my boys to win but I also fear playing the Lakers with the way the media rides this game. I think Clips are clicking on all cylinders and if they play D, push the tempo, run, and play like last night at Dallas it will be a great game and a good Clipper win, but if they get sucked into hype of the game and don’t rebound well, pass ball well and play crappy D it’s going to be a long night! CP3 needs to look for his shot early, Blake needs to put up 20 and 10, DJ needs to protect the paint and board and either Caron, Randy, Nick or Bobby need to have at least 15…if all that happens we will be good! Regardless it will be an awesome game most likely!

Can I post this later on my TK7Live site? I’m making an article about the game tomorrow. I can put your full name on your above comments or a nick name. Is up to you! You can even text me more … Haha..

Brett Gottlieb: Go right ahead and you can put my name and twitter if you want…I’m proud not ashamed…lol

TK7: Hahaha!!!! Nice nice!
Ok man, I’ll listed your name and tweet. Sounds good.

Brett Gottlieb: Let’s go nets!!!!lol


Brett Gottlieb: What the hell….how does mamba get open and on top of that make that fucking shot….totally ridiculous…damn it, I wanted them to be only 1 game up so tomorrow would be for the tie…oh well, Lake show going down tomorrow….Clips bringing that A game

TK7: I’m posting your last text too … Lol

Brett Gottlieb: Haha

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LAKERS 93-83 HEAT. The Kobe Mask 33 points. Metta World Peace 17 points. Andrew Bynum 16 points.  #NBA

The Miami Heat “EL HEAT” vs The Los Angeles Lakers “LOS LAKERS”, *Latin Night “Noche Latina” game at Staples Center, Los Angeles.

* These commemorative games celebrate the growing support of NBA fans and players across Latin America and U.S. Hispanic communities with special telecasts and in-arena festivities, including distinctive NBA team uniforms. via NBA.

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